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Referral Commissions


At the SharePage, there are many ways you can make an earning! Almost from every module in this platform you can generate extra income!  There is also the opportunity to generate passive income from our recurring referral commission! Refer to a business user once and continue receiving commission on their recurring subscription plan!. The more you refer, more you will grow in your passive income!



When you register, the first profile you get is the Personal profile. Using your Personal profile, you can browse and post on almost all modules but there is a limit on your listings for sale. To sell in bulk and unlimited adveritising on all modules as well as access to the POS (Point of Sale) applicaiton,  you need to create a Business Profile and pay the subscription fee of $50/month CAD.

The SharePage does not charge for posting! It is absolutely free to post with any profile except the Business profile. Once the Business Profile is verified, and the subscription fee is paid. Using your Business profile, user can advertise on all modules such as posting jobs, freelance work, real estate ads etc. and also use the POS for their retail stores.  

To use the Business Profiles for advertisng, you must subscribe to the $50/month subscription fee.

Benefits for the Business profile users are outlined in this page: “Business Profile



Anyone will earn a commission upon a successful referral and will continue to earn there after on recurring subscription plans. When you refer someone who creates a Business Profile and subscribes to the monthly subscription plan, you will get the 10% commission and will continue to receive the commission on the recurring subscription plan.

The SharePage offers 10% of the $50 monthly recurring subscription for the Business Profile users, hence it can secure a passive income for you as long as the subscription is active.

Since the SharePage does not charge any user for posting, it takes only a minimal fee which is 2.5% commission from every sale, only after the sale is completed. The SharePage offers 10% of the 2.5% commission to the user who has referred the friends to use this platform! The more you refer, the more you can earn and continue to receive money from the sales from all your referrals!

This is our way of paying back the users for their support!


What is a successful referral?:

  • When a user completes payment for the subscription and the SharePage receives the money
  • When a user completes a sale of a product and the SharePage receives the commission
  • There is no time limit for a referral to be successful.



  • The payment that the SharePage offers to the user for referrals.
  • The payment is a 10% referral fee for the subscription fee.
  • The payment is 10% of the 2.5% commission the SharePage takes from every sale.
  • Referral earnings are withdrawn when it reaches $100 CAD.

Payment conditions and fee schedules:

  • There is no fee attached to the referral earnings.
  • There is no set date and time when user can withdraw the funds after 60days from receiving the referral.
  • User can withdraw the funds and transfer 100% of it to their bank account after 60 days and as long as there is atleast $100 earning.
  • There is no charge back on the referral commission.