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About The SharePage

Everyone of us has connections with many people and we interact with them differently based on the type of relationships we have with them. We fulfill a lot of different roles based on what we do at any given time and with who we interact with. We all act, perform and react differently for the different people in our lives. We connect differently with our relatives, or with our friends, or business associates. We all have unique personalities but to a certain extent we adjust or revolve into a different personality without even knowing when we do,  based on the relation we have with the people we associate with. These different personalities are called the different hats that we wear under different circumstances and these hats make us who we are  to the people we connect with and give us the distinctive personality for each group of people we interact with. We carefully and quite instinctively switch the hats based on the environment we are in or who we are with and hardly never we mix them!

This concept of wearing different hats in different situations and/or activities gave birth to "The SharePage" . This is a website that offers one platform for almost everything, where we can connect with everyone on different levels, and different purposes.  At the SharePage, we dont have to mix all relationships into one connection any more,  we dont have to pretend any more, we can actually be ourselves! We can now bring our real life of who we are to the virtual life by having different profiles for different connections. We don’t have to share our friends details with our relatives any more nor let our business colleagues see all our personal and family communications! You can now keep your friends or business associates separate from your personal contacts! Only at The SharePage you can do that and actually be yourself!!   

"The SharePage offers users to have multiple profiles: Family, Social, Business, Professional, Freelancer and Employment and switching a profile means switching hats based on what activities users want to carry"

The other most important concept of the SharePage is to offer a a vast number of ways to make an earning for everyone!
 We offer a Platform of Opportunities for everyone to make the best out of their time while they are online. We all have 24 hours in a day! How wisely we are using these 24 hours is what differentiates between highly successful people and the rest of us! By offering referral commissions and opportunities for passive income, The SharePage is showing that you all matter! Every user to this website is important and asset for us! 

And by offering various modules when users can make an earning, The SharePage is showing us that there are many options available to enrich our life, be productive, creative and make a difference in our lives!

The SharePage offers multiple modules and opportunities for all our users to make the best of their time on this platform and it will continue to grow and offer more in the future! The modules are all free to use! Except for additional benefits, we offer the subscription plan for the business users. 

The modules that are offered currently at the SharePage are:

  • Store – post items to sell at the Retail Store, Friends Store, Wholesaler, Manufacturers
  • Job Board – post jobs using employment or professional profile and search and apply for jobs using job seeker profile
  • Freelancer – post projects using employment or professional profile and search and bid for freelancing contract work using freelancer profile
  • Classified Services – advertise for free of all your classified services and community information
  • Real Estate – advertise real estate using several profiles   Business Directory - list your business to the directory for easy advertising
  • Videos – upload and share your videos to all your contact
  • Art work / Photos – share or sell your art work, or photography
  • Events – promote local events and sell tickets online and get a detailed report of your past events   
  • Business Space - offers a free webspace for the businesses
  • Business For Sale - offers a platform for business to advertise the sale of their businesses
  • Training – learn or offer training by making a training video
  • NFT - Users can now link their crypto wallet and buy and sell NFT artwork from the SharePage
  • POS (POINT OF SALE) - The SharePage offers a POS application for their local clients. The POS is available for the Business Profile users, available through the subscription plan.

The other features the SharePage has are:

  • Groups – create private or public groups and share audio, video, photo, documents with group members as well as send sms or email campaign to the group members
  • Dashboard – Get a snapshot of all your activities of all the modules in the main and also see the detailed activities of each module in the module dashboard
  • Sticky Notes – keep a personal note like sticky notes for keeping notes whenever you need to
  • Vault – password protected notes – so you can now save you confidential information on your vault to never to lose it again and have instant access to it by unlocking with a code sent to your phone.
  • Messenger – instantly interact with others through inbuilt messenger
  • Email – instantly contact with others through inbuilt email.
  • Newsletters – send sms or email newsletter to all the members in your group