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We are Different

We have some awesome benefits for our users:




PRIVACY OF COMMUNICATION:  At the SharePage, you have full privacy of your communication. You can now connect with everyone in your life, yet maintain the same boundaries of your relationship that you do in reality. You do not have to share everything with everyone any more! You can create multiple profiles and connect with with others through the profiles that suits your relationship  such as connect all your business associates with business profile, connect all your friends with personal profile and all your family members with family profile. Anything you share within the profile will not be accessible outside the profile! You can feel free to share any personal photos, videos or any information within the respectable profile’s timeline and only the contacts connected to you in that profile will see it and no one else!

PRIVACY OF PERSONAL DATA:  We also offer full privacy of your data! What you share with the SharePage, stays wtih the SharePage. We will never share your personal information with any third parties.  You can have full confidence with us that your data will never be sold or shared with any other companies. 

PRIVACY OF BROWSING: We do not depend on commercial ads to support our business hence you can now comfortably browse through the modules, without getting sponsored ads on your face! Every business will be able to promote their services and products through the various modules we have and hence we do not promote businesses through any sponsored ads.



Profiles offer provicy of what you are sharing with who! You can separate your contacts by the type of relationship you have with them using varoius profiles. You can have multiple profiles to fit your needs such as:

  • Personal Profile
  • Business Profile
  • Professional Profile
  • Freelancer Profile
  • Family Profile
  • Employment Profile

The Personal Profile is your default profile that you get when you regsiter to the site. 

You can create two business profiles if you have two separate business to promote

You can also create two freelancer profiles if you have two uniqe skills to promote and get freelancing work . 

What you share witithin a profile stays withiin the profile. Your connection from another profile will not be able to see any information that you share in the another profiles that they are not connected with ! Only the ones who are connected to the profile will be able to see the information you share on your timeline, for example your family members will not see the photos you share with friends using the Personal Profile  and  at the same time, your business contacts will not know anything about your personal life or family life. You can now confidently share and carry on with your personal life as well as professional life on the SharePage!

Through the SharePage, you will keep a healthy relationship with everyone .



At the SharePage you have unlimited earning opportunities. We offer the following options for revenue geneeration:


PASSIVE EARNINGS - You earn through the subscription plan:

We offer 10% commissions on all our subscription plans. You refer once and upn successful referrals, you receive a referall fee not for the first time you refer but you will continue to receive the commisision for the litetime of the subscriber!  Every time the subscription plan gets renewed, you will receive 10% commission! 

COMMISSION EARNINGS - You earn through the sales commission:

We offer 10% back to you from every sales commission that we receive! When you refer anyone to the SharePage, and when they sale an item, the SharePage takes 2.5% commission and we give back 10% to you for referring that person to the website! You will keep receiving the commission for your life time whenver your referred contacts selss any item on our platform. 

SALES EARNINGS -  You earn from direct sales:

You can earn from most of the modules by selling your products or services. The modules where you can earn from are:

  1. Store
  2. Rent a place
  3. Arts and Craft
  4. Video
  5. Events
  6. Trainings


We offer you a platform to advertise your business services, jobs or projects at the SharePage. The following modules you can promote your services for free

  1. Real Estate
  2. Job Board
  3. Freelancer
  4. Classified Services



At the SharePage, anyone with a business profile can have a free website  - which we call "Web Space". In this webspace you can connect all the modules through independent pages as well as create custom pages to showcase your business services. 

It’s absolutely free to have your website on our webspace business directory module. 



Under one account, you can do all! You can now sale your personal items in the Personal Sale section, or businesses can sell items in the retail store and wholesellers can sell items in the Wholesale stores 

This is a first time ever where you can find personal, retal and whole sale items on the same platform! You dont have to go much far fo find the wholesellers or retail products - just click on another tab!



Our group benefits offer many advnaced features that makes us different from any other social platforms!! We have file sharing features, discussion forums, group store, and much more!